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Elite Sirius Fighters


ESF is an international clan which include members from all around the world , uniting under one banner , fighting for good side , for colonial side , for Order side , Helping the universe to get rid of the nomads invasions and risks to the entire systems of sirius sector.
ESF is a RP clan , which Maintain and protect peace at all costs , ESF operates on 3 servers , Void Server which lead by XENON (founder of ESF clan) and BSG Server which lead by Battlespud and Exodus Server which is Lead by Battlespud and Spectre
But all credits for Void Server about everything specially the birth of ESF on void server at 23 March 2007 , which have grown and prospered in the void server , marching to victory after victory on Evil side - also ESF on void Have it's own Controlled system ( Nomad-1 System ) and it's own Customized Base at ( 3F Sector ) in the same System , Customized ESF npc's around the base wearing the unique ESF black Skin for ships with the Golden ESF logo on it's Hud and Wings.

ESF Clan is based on Decipline and Good Attitude , we accept you in clan despite of your skills in freelancer , we help you grow your skills to fit the elite Sirius fighters skills which is very good , But what ESF never Accept is the gamers bad attitude and un obeying of Rules which is always leading to an ejection from clan as ESF cares much for it's reputition among the clans and Servers , since ESF is not a small organization but a very big one , spreaded over the servers and working on more branchs in each Freelancer Active Server- ESF clan Forbid using cheats , cause this proves how much Noobs you are if you using cheats , so ESF helps you get skills and soon be able to defeat anyone in Combat even if the opponent is using cheats , it's all based on right moves and best aim and we teach you how to be perfect in both fields.

Void Server Mod Details
The 2115 Series mod now encompases many additional things, players new to The Void will enjoy:
Dynamic Economy on all 2,579 Bases
Player Dockable Capital Ships with mooring and equipment

115 Different and unique systems, Each is heavily populated
2,579 Dockable locations each with missions, ships and individual commodity prices.
Clan Bases
271 Commodities
50 "Real 3d" Systems
New Factions
Many new wrecks
Flyable Cruiser, Destroyer and Capital Ships with Mooring
Many new weapons and loadout possibilities
New and different ships. 

Galactica Exodus Mod Details
->Fly about 70 New Ships (inclusive Capitalships) from Battlestar Galactica & expanded Battlestar Galactica Universe!
->Multiplayer only.
->28 Custom Systems: The Twelve Colonies of Kobol, Cylon Space and unknown Worlds.
->Unique Combat System: Fast fights, No Shields and No Reloads. Fight like Apollo, Starbuck and Scar in the Series!
->A big trade System with many different routes.
->Mining Systems: Special Mining Ships and Mining Lasers.
->Dynamic Start: Choose between four different start ships and loadouts. Either begin as a trader or as a fighter.
->RP-PvP-PvE Server.
->New, decent interface.
->Giant Stations: There are all stations from the Series and some custom made.
->Wrecks: Discover and explore unknown worlds and find old and abandoned ships. Some of them
  could still contain some things worthy to find...
->Music: The original music from the Battlestar Galactica Series in every system.
->Ships from the Series flying around on the surface of every planet.
->Up and down strafe commands to enhance PvP.
->Advanced Graphics: Better ship models, textures and additional effects.
->Intro Movie: A completely new Intro Movie based on scenes from the Battlestar Galactica Series.
->Clan Bases for active Clans.
->Clan Flagship for active clans.
->Races & PvP Tournaments hold on a regular Base.
->A support Service available on our forums or per eMail to ensure a nearly bugfree Mod and happy Players.

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We have 92 registered users
The newest registered user is kalaletqlx

Our users have posted a total of 2191 messages in 379 subjects
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Void & ESF Tool Bars
Download Void Server Tool Bar Made By Strail and Stay Tuned to the Void Latest Role Play News and Forum Latest Topics
Click on the image Below to download the Void Tool Bar

Download the Elite Sirius Fighters Clan Customized Toolbar Made by Xenon And Stay Tuned to the Latest Updated by ESF-clan.editboard.com And More Gadgets aside of a Customized Radio Live FM Stations - Tool Bar is Still being Updated So More Customized Versions will be Updated on Same Link here - ESF Tool Bar Ver-1.0
Click on the image below to Download the ESF Tool Bar Ver-1.0

Top posters
XENON (1337)
Wolfie (341)
=ESF=serenity (144)
X777 (125)
Peace-Keeper (123)
Angel (122)
Battlespud (96)
LEXAN (91)
Guardian (69)
BlackDog (57)
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